In Belarus ice hockey is one of the most loved sports and is also of great economic importance.

Belarus is responsible for producing some of the world’s best ice hockey players, many of whom play for KHL and NHL teams. It’s no surprise that the 78th Ice Hockey World Championship 2014 took place in Minsk, Belarus. The hosting of which not only contributed new modern infrastructure but also generated an increase in the popularity of ice hockey.

In Belarus the promotion of young talent is a priority.

While other children are enjoying their summer holidays, forty young ice hockey players are sweating and working hard at summer training camp. Three coaches, former professional ice hockey players, have the challenge to provide a training programme, which balances fun and skill development on and off the ice. Variety is necessary because the young players at camp have had a full year of school, weekly trainings sessions and many tournaments. The camp focuses on hockey specific skills as well as improved overall athletic and mental development. It also promotes teamwork in sport and life.

Hard works leads to success!

It was a great pleasure and important practical experience working with the young ice hockey talent from Belarus. I believe that in the future we will see many of these hardworking and motivated players appear on the national and international ice hockey stage.

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