With Empathy and Expertise

I was born and grew up in the former Soviet Union. Sport was always important to me: as a young girl I embarked on a career in diving. I was the USSR champion in my diving category three times. Sport filled my life with happiness and recognition and played a deciding roll in my choice of future career.

After my active career as a professional athlete I continued to pursue a career centred on sports. I completed a five year degree as a Sport Teacher at the University for Sport in Minsk. My main interests lay in sport psychology and sports medicine so I completed further studies in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation with an emphasis on practical application.

My first practical experience advising competitive athletes was gathered in different disciplines in the Belarusian Association of Athletics Federation – an extremely educational period. In the following years, I coached professional athletes from Belarus and the former Soviet Union at the National Olympics Training Centre in Belarus.

With my relocation to Switzerland in 1998 I began an exciting chapter in both my private life and professional career. I definitely wanted to continue and develop my career in professional sports. I completed a post-graduate degree as a Swiss Sport and Physical Education Teacher II at the ETH Zurich.

Then I started to advise professional athletes at the international level. I have experienced first-hand how psychological and mental aspects play a key role in achieving success in sports. I have received my diploma in Psychological an Mental Training in Sport from the Institute of Applied Psychology in Zurich. As well, I am privileged to be a member of the Swiss Association of Sport Psychology SASP.

My work with athletes has given me pleasure, expertise and a wealth of empathy and emotional competence. These are the building blocks with which I train professional, amateur and young athletes in individual and team sports in a variety of sport disciplines.