Your best performance whenever you want it

You are a professional athlete. You are not content with being average. You demand more from yourself. You want to know what your limits are and excel beyond them, without burnout or injury. I will help you to concentrate on your goals, improve your performance and free your mind from distractions.
  • Confidence training and mental toughness training
  • Motivational training
  • Relaxation and recovery techniques
  • Controlled breathing techniques
  • Concentration exercises
  • Overcoming mental blocks before and during competition
  • Assistance with managing the double burden of high performance sport and a career
  • Mental support during rehabilitation from sport injuries
  • Individual mental training program
The first consultation is free either in person or via Skype according to your preference.

In our first meeting we will get to know each other and discuss the conditions of our working together.

In subsequent consultations we will address
the following:

  • Situation and problem analysis
  • Defining your goals and expectations
  • Discussing possible solutions and approaches
  • Deciding on suitable mental training techniques
After our initial consultation, you will learn and practice individually prepared mental techniques which you will be able to use independently in training and competition.

Together we will carefully monitor your progress. I will support you actively by monitoring and adapting the mental techniques to your situation and progress.

Over time you will develop and expand your mental strength and ability. You will achieve self-control and self-regulation of your performance ability.

You will be able to do your personal best in competitive situations.

Supervision includes the accompaniment of professional athletes to national and international tournaments and competitions upon request.

This offer is based on individual needs and the particular characteristics of the respective sports.


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