It seems impossible until it’s done

It’s been a while since the last time I posted news. It has taken me some time to process all the experiences and events from the past months in order to report on them. I’ve used my membership in SASP to further develop my professional skills.  In over 30 hours of supervision sessions, I have worked together with my colleagues to discuss various case studies in detail. Together with my group of fellow mental trainers, we discussed current topics from sports psychology and mental training in the framework of peer counselling. Excitingly, my horizons have been expanded through participation in numerous seminars and conferences.  I have not only developed my theoretical knowledge and professional competency but also gathered valuable practical experience.

My office is where my athletes train and compete

I tailor the collaboration model to fit the individual needs of my athletes. What’s important is to be in the right place at the right time. The main focus of my work is to train athletes in the long-term and sustainable development of mental skills. The use of effective mental techniques and exercises trains and supports mental strength in order to achieve set goals and master challenging situations with confidence.

Nothing teaches us better than our own experiences

New and valuable practical experience in sports such as taekwondo, boxing, ice hockey, gymnastics and triathlon have given me exciting insights and enriched my everyday professional life.  I have had highly emotional, exciting and at the same time inspiring moments with my athletes at various competitions and tournaments. Working with athletes required not only professional competence and practical experience, but also qualities such as a good understanding of human nature and a strong sense of responsibility. I will continue to develop and apply the knowledge I have gained from these experiences.  I would like to offer the best possible mental training to support athletes on their road to mental strength.

Enjoy the summer

Summer is here and the dates for my summer holidays are fixed. There is still a lot to do, both professionally and privately, before I can wind down into summer mode. In the next two weeks I will be on a business trip to Russia. I am looking forward to meeting all my athletes again, to work on current issues together and to give new impulses. After that the holidays start for me. The real summer holidays begin with relaxation in the head! I wish you all a wonderful summer!

Enjoy this time in your own special way and take advantage of the opportunity to gather unique and unforgettable experiences.