The help you need

Mental Training in sport achieves results: it can increase motivation, maximize performance, prevent burnout, increase the joy of sport, reduce the risk of injury, and boost self-confidence. Whatever your area of interest, I will accompany you personally on your road to success.

Support on and off the court

I maintain a flexible working model that can be suited to the individual needs of the athlete and the particularities of each sport. The mental training exercises can be tailored to your training- and travel- schedule and carried out on location e.g. on the pitch, in training camp, in the club or sports arena.

Services in German, English and Russian

As required I assist athletes outside regular training sessions through video conferencing or by telephone. Depending on the issue, I may work closely together with coaches, physiotherapists, doctors and parents. I offer my services in German, English and Russian.

In my work, I exclusively use scientific mental techniques and methods which adhere to and meet the standards and approval of the Swiss Association for Sport Psychology SASP.

As a mental trainer I work with three different types of athletes, both in individual and team sports:

The goal of my work with professional athletes is to further develop their mental strength and abilities. My training enables athletes to reach their peak performance regardless of the competitive conditions.
The goal of my work is to support young athletes through their developmental phase. Together we will build a strong mental foundation for a long, rewarding and successful sports career.
It is my great pleasure to help people who would like to promote their health and personal athletic goals through exercise and sport. The goal of my work with amateur athletes is to guide them on their path to achieving their personal athletic goals.