A new retractable roof adorned the Arthur Ashe Stadium for the US Open 2016

There is room for 23’771 spectators in the newly equipped Arthur Ashe Stadium and the roof can be closed in a few minutes. It is now possible to play tennis in the biggest tennis stadium in the world despite inclement weather. Gone are the days of Monday finals in the Big Apple. The US Open 2016 was the highest paying tennis tournament in history. This year’s fourth and final Grand Slam tournament in New York poured out 46.3 million dollars in prize money-more than any other tennis tournament to date. Alone, the champions of the women’s and men’s singles received 3.5 million dollars.

US Open New York

The US Open 2016 provided for exciting matches, a great atmosphere and many surprises

I had the great privilege of working to support my young tennis players mentally during the tournament. The work with my athletes was a lot of responsibility, but a lot of fun and enjoyment, too. What helps a young player to make progress is a healthy mix of successes and failures. The failures are an opportunity to learn and the successes are the well-earned reward, which builds the young athlete’s self-confidence. Tournament experience helps to find new ways to develop. The important thing is to stay on the ball and always believe in yourself.

US Open New York

Success begins in your mind!

I had seen a lot of exciting matches throughout the tournament, but the absolute highpoint for me was the final of the men’s singles between Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka. The level of tennis played was excellent. It was a match full of excitement and tension from the first to the last minute. After just under four hours of play 20,000 spectators euphorically celebrated “Stan the Man”. Through this glorious victory he played his way into the hearts of all tennis fans.

US Open New York

Good bye New York and see you next time!

A few days have already past since my return from New York. It took a bit of time to process my experiences. Now I can say that the US Open 2016 was great for me with: unforgettable matches, tremendous fighting spirit, and intense emotions. Many things connect me with New York and I am always happy to return to this great city for work or pleasure.

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