3009, 2015

Set and achieve your goals

Are you ready to set forth on the journey to achieve your goals? Here are some tips and questions that will help you to focus on your goals and achieve them.

2406, 2015

Mental Kung Fu for Life

You have goals in life. You want to be happy and successful and experience the realisation of fulfilling your life’s dreams. But all too often it seems your own strength isn’t enough and your goals appear unreachable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Mental training can help. Mental training is a powerful tool to realize you desires and to actively shape your life. To reach your goal, remember H E L P S.

2702, 2015

Sport Hypnosis or Mental training?

The topic of sport hypnosis divides athletes. Those groups enthusiastically in favour of sport hypnosis are irreconcilably opposed to those totally against it. In sport hypnosis the unconscious is directly influenced and sport hypnosis can lead to blocking or deactivating pain and fear signals. I have personally experienced the dangers of this type of psychological invasion.

2002, 2015

Seminar for the young tennis players of Spartak Moscow

I led a two day seminar on “Basic Mental Techniques in Tennis” for young tennis players from 10 to 12 years of age. It was very important to me to teach the players mental techniques to help them motivate themselves, build confidence and reduce anxiety before and during a competition. These techniques are intended to help the players to concentrate during a match and thereby perform well.

1901, 2015

The Importance of Setting Goals

A lot of people are afraid to set themselves goals. They are afraid that they will become committed and have to say no to other things. As well many people find it difficult to step outside of their comfort zone. And another thing that prevents many people from setting goals is the fear that they will fail...

801, 2015

Developing a Long Term Winning Mindset

Through my own personal experience as an athlete and mental trainer, I know which factors can influence performance in sport. the personal environment of an athlete plays an essential role. When all the people involved with the athlete are committed to working together the goal can be achieved...