Looking back on the year 2015 with happiness and contentment, I can say it was truly a good and eventful year. My 2015 calendar has been packed full with counselling sessions, seminars, tournaments, competitions and sporting events.

Working together with so many athletes was a lot of fun and brought me great joy and new experiences. I’ve had the privilege to share some amazing moments with my athletes. The memories of Wimbledon, the World Aquatics Championships in Kazan and the Kremlin Cup tennis tournament as well as many others remain unforgettable.

I’ve not only gathered valuable experience, but also extended my theoretical knowledge and built up my expertise in an exciting way through further education including: supervision sessions, the participation in professional development days and many seminars.

Especially exciting were the lectures, workshops and exchange of ideas with my colleagues at the 14th European Congress of Sport Psychology. This event was particularly broadening with regards to the latest developments and findings in my field of expertise. This was a definite highlight in 2015. From all of the above, my clients have profited because it is my intention to offer them the best mental training and sports-psychology available.

Success wouldn’t be possible without all the people with whom I work together closely. I want to thank these people from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to:

… All my clients
for their trust and efforts. Our work together has given me happiness and means so much to me. Your success is my motivation and the best reward.

… My colleagues
for their good tips and new impulses that have been important to my work.

… My dear family
who have always got my back and give me strength and courage to tackle new challenges.

… My friends
for their loyalty and understanding as well as all the beautiful moments that we have spent together.

Finally, thanks to the many other people, who I have got to know in 2015 and who have supported and accompanied me along the way.

The end of the year is a good time, to relax and spend time with your loved ones. It is time to make merry but also time for quiet introspection. Under the motto: Don’t live too much in the past, don’t think too much about the future, but rather, let the present be filled with those things which bring meaning and happiness.

With this thought I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year filled with happiness, joy and success.